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lundi 3 octobre 2011

How to make a custom reciprocity chart for "Pinhole Assist" [updated] [updated]

How to have your own reciprocity chart with Pinhole Assist. A simple text editing can do it.

First connect your device to your PC ou Mac. Open iTunes. . copy the "Reciprocity_film.plist" file to your hard disk. Do not change the file name ! The next major version will acocmadate any name. For the time being, you need to keep the same filename.

Now we will edit it. For PC user, use Notepad or better: Notepad++. For mac, use textEdit (TextWrangler (free) is a must). The file look like this :

Inside the file you only need to modify the parts that looks like this:

That part means that for 15 seconds (all times are in seconds) the corrected time including reciprocity is 2 * 15 seconds : the number 2 is a multiplying factor seconds.Only add these values in ascending order. Save the file and copy it to iTunes.

Nota : The first values are expected to be 1 second and the correction value for 1 second (here 1 and 1.5 ).

Do no be afraid of a mistake : if something is wrong, delete the file and restart (from Springboard) Pinhole Assist : a new file will be generated.

Here is a link to reciprocity for paper. (use with caution: these values is clearly not fitted for multigrade RC - I use no correction fir Ilford Multigrade RC below 30 minutes)
Rename this file to Reciprocity_film.plist

[update 08/10/2011]: the dfescription rrefers to the right type of file (where the entry is if type : value- coeff).
12/11/2012 : link updated

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