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mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Pinhole Assist [en]

With "Pinhole Assist" for iPhone/iPod Touch, pinhole photography is even easier.

• Compute exposure time ;

• Mesure light;

• Enter your camera aperture from the predefined list or compute it;

• Let the assistant automatically compensate for reciprocity of film (correction for long exposures), or use your own curves.

Estimate light or measure it directly with the camera

Enter your camera aperture or compute aperture from your camera geometry. Many pinhole camera settings are already included (Zeroimage™, Diana™ pinhole)

Select your film's sensitivity and decide if you use reciprocity compensation.

Tip #1 : adjust cell measurement via the iPhone/iPod "Settings" application.

Tip #2 : Via iTunes, you can access and edit the reciprocity correction curve. Go to the app Web Site for further instructions.

Nota : light measurement is only available on devices with camera. The manual setting allows you do do estimation with text indication, or use an external cell.

Tip #3 : if using an external cell, set its sensibility to 100 ASA.

Available on the Apple App Store

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